From creation to completion

For Vetvik, it is imperative to master the entire process, from creation to completion. This was a fundamental aspect of the idea behind the creation of the company. Consequently, our team scrutinizes every step in the development of each product, from initial sketches to design concepts through prototyping, material selection, pre-production series and production runs.

In order to offer products that meet VETVIK’s criteria of excellence, it is crucial that our exclusive design philosophy be communicated to all people involved at every step of production. This is the only way to ensure that every VETVIK product is a unique and desirable haute couture article.


Once initial ideas and sketches have been put forward, VETVIK holds work sessions with experienced prototypists to assess the specific challenges and feasibility of each concept. The mock-up process begins. It is common to reach as many as ten iterations, including the exact materials that will be part of the final product, until a final version is accepted. Nothing is left to improvisation.

Patterns and manufacturing guide

Each product has a specific set of patterns that include clear indications regarding all material specifications (i.e. leather thicknesses for the various parts). A manufacturing steps reference guide carefully presents a pre-established assembly method along with critical reference sections.

The patterns are prepared with extreme precision. Every detail is explained with regards to leather, cuts, stitching, lining and hardware. Everything is thought of in a way that reinforces the true distinction between an ordinary product and a unique VETVIK masterpiece.


A true high-end product starts with the selection of high-end materials. No compromises are made at this step, or at any other for that matter. VETVIK deals directly with selected suppliers, retained following an extensive search and selection process.

Of course, the leather itself represents the most obvious image of quality, it is the first contact with any our products.For this, European expertise is a must – we use only the finest top grain leather worthy of the venerable houses of France and Italy who are recognized for their long lineage of expertise.

Choosing the perfect leather for a specific application requires knowledge and know-how. Selecting the appropriate finish to strike the right balance between durability and a natural feel takes an exacting eye along with an experienced hand.

The same rigor is applied to the selection of all raw materials, from the ones you see such as the thread and the sturdy Swiss-made metal zippers, to the ones you don’t see like the inner reinforcing materials and closed-cell memory padding. All these carefully selected raw materials contribute to the integrity and quality of the final product.


Just as for the materials, VETVIK wants only the best. Our designs obviously demand a slower production pace as fine attention to detail is required. To obtain perfect unity, the many manual steps in VETVIK products including stitching, edge-finishing and assembly, command great skill. From the start, high-volume manufacturers were immediately excluded.

The selection process involved traveling around the world to carefully choose traditional artisans capable of manufacturing luxurious products. Spain was an obvious choice with its long history and tradition of fine craftsmanship and expertise in dealing with the requirements of high-end brands.

To ensure that selected manufacturers meet our criteria to achieve consistency in execution, VETVIK conducts thorough on-site training and inspections thereby guaranteeing that each VETVIK product that leaves the factory can proudly bear the VETVIK signature of excellence.